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The Curse of the Divorced Housewife!

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I know readers of this blog are probably expecting me to say something about the school shooting in Connecticut, but I’m not positive we need MORE internet commentary on this tragedy. That said, this little item just came across my desk….

…It seems that Marysol Patton of the Real Housewives of Miami is getting a divorce. In the picture above, she is the one on the right while her mother, who I think was in Labyrinth, is on the left. Indeed, leading news source/repository of Miley Cyrus nip slip photos The Huffington Post is now claiming that Patton has fallen victim to the “Real Housewives’ Divorce Curse“.

Now, when you hear about “curses” and The Real Housewives, you probably assume it has something to do with the fact that these women all look like evil mummies. But no! It seems that the vain, awful women on this series are also constantly getting divorced. Who knew needy, emotionally unstable social climbers that spend all day either drinking white wine or getting Restalyn injections have trouble staying married to their wealthy former basketball player/plastic surgeon husbands? If they can’t find love, who can?

Let me be the first to suggest then that the Huffington Post is ~gasp~ wrong. There is no “Real Housewives Divorce Curse”, just like the Red Sox weren’t cursed so much as they were just terrible for 8 decades. Curses are awfully convenient ways to cover up the failures of terrible, terrible people….


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

December 18, 2012 at 2:17 pm

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