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Helmand (Province) Hip-Hop Hijinx!

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For serious you guys: I am now convinced that Chris Brown is one comment about rape-based abortions away from winning a GOP primary. I say this because last night for Halloween Brown put up a photo on Instagram so tasteless, so crass and so outlandish (especially for a convicted domestic abuser), Todd Akin might call it breathtaking. Check out the image below:

No, you’re eyes do not deceive you: that is Chris Brown in the center dressed as a member of the Taliban. Brown is of course a natural fit for the Taliban, as his violent, deeply anti-social behavior and disregard for human deceny would fit in perfect with the Mullahs in Kandahar.

For their part though, the Taliban has protested the costume and deny anyone connection with a figure as widely reviled as Breezy. “Oh no that guy is a clueless asshole” said Taliban spokesman Jusuf Ahmadi said Thursday. “Can you imagine? What does Rihanna possibly see in him? At least I have the deceny not to make such shitty Eurodance hip hop after I savagely beat one of my many wives. That guy is just…well he is PR poison!”

Stayed tuned for more brilliant moves from Brown, America’s worst famous person.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

November 1, 2012 at 2:13 pm

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