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Colorado: A Swing State Survey

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Sigh. Poor Colorado: life is much too nice there to be an occursed Swing State. Less religious than Utah, less desolate than New Mexico, and, well, just not Arizona, the Centennial State is a prime example of how life in the Four Corner states could be. Indeed, that might be why the state lacks a more firm political tilt: people are too busy hiking and enjoying the 300+ days of sunshine to be partisan dickheads.

That’s not to say though that Colorado is without it’s unpleasant political constituencies. Most Coloradoans live in the politically diverse Front Range on the west side of the Rocky Mountains. Denver and Boulder are the home of many fine breweries, lively hispanic communities, easy outdoor living and of course huge duffle bags of primo kind bud. The other part of the Front Range is full of Air Force Jesus freaks. The rest of the state is a mix of cow pastures and haunted mountain retreats.

So who will bottle up the state’s 9 electoral votes like so much pure, rocky mountain spring water? And will they produce something more pleasant than ~shudder~ Coors Light? Well according the Real Clear Politics, Colorado is a true toss up state, with Obama and Romney swapping the lead there THREE times in one week. I still think this state may settle for Obama, given that in 2010 an equally close race for Senate went narrowly for the Democrats in a particularly shitty year for the Dems. Still, if those damn hippies at U.C. Boulder are too baked to vote, Romney could pull this one out.

All aboard the Swing State Express to our final stop: the scenic and wonderous land of Ohio!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

November 1, 2012 at 2:31 pm

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