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New Hampshire: A Swing State Survey

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Some swing states like to bask in the light of their quadrennial relevance ~cough~ Ohio ~cough~, however, ever since it’s sibling state Vermont came out of the closet, New Hampshire has been loathe to be the center of the attention. Do they like the primaries? Sure. But the general election? Forget about it. Unfortunately for them, these forest dwelling, ski-vest wearing folks have accidentally sealed their fate as a Swing State by greeting unctuous would-be Presidents, who have a pathological need to be like, with steely, New England unfriendliness. It really only makes the whole situation worse.

Those in the know often  questioning whether or not New Hampshire, being so close to the Sodomite People’s Republic of Abortionachusetts, is really a swing state. However, the state’s libertarian bent (I dare you to find a more beautiful place to blow up dangerous fireworks when the leaves are changing) and the influx of conservatives repulsed by Massachusetts’ excellent schools and near-universal healthcare taxes definitely contribute to its toss up status. However, the Granite State’s residents’ total disinterest in religion and the sheer number of small scale, craft goat cheese farms and bring balance to that North Woods nonsense, creating a voting population as confusing as it is ornery.

So where is the state leaning this time around? Well Real Clear Politics has the state trending Obama lately, but Mitt Romney, as a the former governor of a neighboring state and a local employer (32 people work year round at the human size chess board at his Lake Winnipesaukee estate), has some major strengths here. As of now I think it will narrowly break for Obama, but New Hampshire could surprise us all.

Let’s head down the road to the other extreme of the East Coast corridor, the Great Honey-baked Commonwealth of Virginia!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

October 29, 2012 at 4:48 pm

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