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Nevada: A Swing State Survey

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NOTE: Hello all! Over the next two weeks I’ll be profiling the 7 most important swing states this election. Each survey will include a lot of thorough data and tasteless jokes. Enjoy!

Not long ago, Nevada was the least populous state in the Union. Then they dammed the Colorado River, built a bunch of whorehouses and BOOM, suddenly this barren desert gained millions of people and helped produce thousands of wonderfully entertaining episodes of Cops. And while people do flock to the state for it’s natural beauty, depressingly vast casino floors and, again, the whorehouses, Obama and Romney have come to the state looking to connect with it’s heat-stroked voters.

Now, Nevada isn’t a big state, but it does have six delicious electoral votes. Politically, Nevada has three major voting blocks: the left-leaning pimps and buffet jockeys of the Las Vegas area, the centrist ski bums of the Reno area and the ultra conservative gun-toting, alien corpse owning Mormons of the state’s vast hinterlands. Indeed, Nevada is a delightful casserole of political dysfunction broiled by the hot desert sun.

Thanks to the bursting of the housing bubble (who knew know one wanted a 9,000 square foot loft condo in East Las Vegas?), economic issues have dominated the Presidential race here. While that might be a disadvantage to the President, the state’s growing Latino population could be the key to Obama’s victory here; the latest polling indicates the Obama has continued to hold a narrow if firm lead over Romney. So short of Romney getting a Celine Dion like deal where he sings a painful, off-key “America the Beautiful” for overweight tourists 250 nights a year, I’m going to have to say this state will likely go Obama.

Next up: Get your corn seed and your lesbian writing collectives, we’re going to Iowa!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

October 24, 2012 at 4:25 pm

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