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The New York Daily News, a newspaper once printed on slices of Mortadella, wrote a glowing piece today about the stunning box office success of Dinesh D’Souza’s anti-Obama screed 2016: Obama’s America. The movie, set in a dystopian future, features Justin Timberlake as a sexy robot trying to abort Amy Adams’ fetus before she can gay marry her dog. Well okay, maybe the movie is just a paranoid delusion about Obama being some sort of crypto-fascist anti-colonialist radical, but really the latter is about as grounded in reality as the former.

For its part, The Daily News focuses on the 2016’s box office success, pointing out that the film’s $18 million in box office sales is an incredible haul for a movie with “virtually no promotional budget.” This my friends is a load of bullshit: Sean Hannity devoted an entire episode of his show to the movie and Fox News spent weeks promoting it. But hey, without McDonalds Happy Meal tie-in (think wind up toys of Jeremiah Wright), it’s almost like having the total support of a multi-national cable news giant/vast right wing propoganda machine means nothing and that the movie is actually the break of sleeper hit of the summer!

There’s a lesson here for all you movie fans out there: Dinesh D’Souza reminds us that even minority film makers can produce racist garbage. Come to think of it, Michael Bay better watch out as D’Souza might just be the perfect guy to direct the next Transformers!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

September 4, 2012 at 4:29 pm

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