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Is this “disestablishmentarianism”?

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Well it’s been five days since Rep. Todd Akin revolutionized the science of reproduction with his thrilling theory that you can only get pregnant from being raped if you secretly liked it. Sure, that kind of science was dismissed as dunderpated hookum a century ago, but what is old is new amiright? Regardless of how you feel about the science, Rep. Akin has dug in his heels, refusing to withdrawl from the race despite the many calls from the Republican establishment.

While his continuted presense in the race seems like a mystery to those who believe in logic/avoid 19th century medical practices, the reality is that Akin can continue to run because the Tea Party movement, of which he is a member, is so anti-establishment that it has lost its (tiny and tenuous) grasp on reality. I mean, It’s not like Mitt Romney or the ghost of Henry Cabot Lodge or some other moneyed Republican establishment guy are the only people calling for Akin to drop out! Rather, certified Grade A Tea Baggers like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have asked Akin to withdrawl too. You know your anti-establishment movement has run amok when members of your movement’s own establishment can’t throw their weight around.

We establish establishments for a reason. Anarchy, for lack of a better word, is unpleasant. We even sometimes enjoy when leaders tell people what to do: it’s why we love it when Reality TV show judges give contestants the old heave-ho. A healthy distrust of the establishment is a good thing, but blindly ignoring all advice of those above you can be dangerous too.

What I’m saying is this: Rep. Akin and the Tea Party really could learn something by watching Tyra Banks go bananas at some chick on America’s Next Top Model


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

August 23, 2012 at 4:17 pm

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