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The Lone (person with Health Insurance) Star State

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We’ve all heard the phrase “Don’t Mess With Texas” and now we know why: it doesn’t have any health insurance! One bruised kidney could lead the state to financial ruin.

Thankfully, that’s how Texas likes it. Governor Rick Perry, who I liked a lot better when he ran an adorable presidential campaign (seriously the thing had the discipline and forethought of a child’s lemonade stand), just announced that his administration “will not implement an expansion of the Medicaid program or create a health insurance exchange” as mandated in the Affordable Care Act. This great news for the 24.8 percent of Texans who lack health insurance: now they can live free of the threats posed by having access to reasonably priced medical care!

Texas isn’t the only state taking a pass on expanding health insurance coverage, but it’s definite the biggest, dumbest and loudest kid in the group. Yes, they’ve really slipped the yoke of Washington oppression by not running a state based insurance exchange and expanding state-run medicaid programs. Sure, the federal government does have the legal authority under the ACA to step in and run these insurance programs should states opt out, and I imagine the Obama administration will exercise that authority, but nothing says “States Rights!” like letting the federal government run a program that a state could itself.

So kudos to Governor Rick Perry! You’ve simultaneously denied a quarter of your citizens access to locally based healthcare initiatives and while allowing the federal government new powers in your state. Oh Rick. I think you may love the feds, you’re just playing coy…


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

July 10, 2012 at 4:39 pm

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