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Bloomberg Takes on Hipsters

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Okay, right off the bat let me apologize for that misleading headline: your expectations for a story about Mayor Michael Bloomberg banning rompers or making it illegal for people to ironically swim in the McCarren Park pool when it opens up again are misplaced. Rather, I’m taking about Bloomberg News, that always savvy source of business info, talking about the surge in sales of canned beer in America.

Before the recession, everyone seemed to be clamoring for glass bottles, eached molded by hand in Murano be master craftsmen. Now that that’s out of the question people want cheaper (i.e. canned) beers. Some however want it for seemingly ironic purposes, as Bloomberg reports that hipsters, a “subculture of urban, young adults whose tastes run toward independent music and films and non-traditional fashion” may have “given the trend (for canned beer) another push when Pabst Blue Ribbon…became one of their signature drinks.”

Now, either this piece is ironic, or there is a good chance that no one at who subscribes to/reads Bloomberg knows what a hipster is. There are very few hipsters in their private helicopters to Montauk after all. In addition, other hipster meccas like Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle, Oakland and Austin don’t can’t compete with Gstaad and Anguilla for the top of the Bloomberg subscribers most-visited list (Although you think they would, as both plutocrats and hipsters have an affinity for crazy facial hair, monocles and other dandified fineries of the early 20th century).

Next in this groundbreaking series of reporting? How American Spirits Cigarettes somehow maintain steady growth despite being made of little more than shredded news paper, prison barber hair and old tires.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

June 22, 2012 at 4:44 pm

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