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With George H.W. Bush nostalgia now the coolest thing this side of Kennebunkport for some reason (I blame the recent transit of Venus across the Sun. Or perhaps the tides?), it’s only natural that people would begin to situate Bush 41 in the spectrum of modern American cool.

Jenna Bush, the fun-slutty-drunk Bush twin, asked her grandfather during an interview on The Today Show this morning how he felt about Justin Bieber. “Bieb? Is he a sock man?” Bush replied “I don’t know much about the Bieber. Never see him, I don’t know what he does.”

Now, I’m not sure what a “sock man” is, but I for one am glad that the 88-year-old former President has no fucking clue who Justin Bieber is. Frankly, had Bush the Elder know who Justin Bieber was, I would have been so confused and terrified it would have ended with me also vomiting in the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister.

We as a country need to stop expecting all old people to be like Betty White. It’s really for the best that George H.W. Bush has no opinion about this. Poppy don’t tweet, okay?


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

June 12, 2012 at 7:26 pm

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