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The stupid fooker Booker

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Media-attention-seeker/Mayor of Newark Cory Booker loves being in the national spotlight; now he can enjoy it all summer long as he stars hundreds of Republican campaign ads attacking Obama!

On Sunday’s Meet the Press (which is just a dumbed down E! News Weekend) Booker “called criticisms of Mitt Romney’s former private equity firm (Bain) ‘nauseating’ and ‘crap,’ equating them with attacks on President Barack Obama for his association with his fiery former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.” That my friends is retarded. Plus, since when is it kosher to say “crap” on Meet the Press? I thought they strictly monitored potty talk on that show after Chuck Schumer’s infamous “jizz monkey” gaffe…

Here’s why Booker is wrong: going after Romney on Bain is legitimate because he ran Bain. Going after Obama on Rev. Wright however is not legitimate because as far as I can tell Obama did not run the wackjob conspiracy theories in Rev. Wright’s head. Also, everyone can see that the Rev. Wright attacks are racially tinged, but unless you think going after venture capitalism is reverse racism (hi Glenn Beck!) the two subjects are by no means equivalent.

And can we talk about Cory Booker for a minute? We get it: you’re young, charming and are constantly running around because if you slow down the criminals that control the streets of Newark will eat you alive. But you’ve got to calm the fuck down! You’re getting dangerously close to becoming Barack Obama’s annoying little brother. And remember: when the President gets you in a headlock and gives you a noogie it’s illegal to fight back. I’m reallly just watching out for ya, Cory.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

May 22, 2012 at 11:48 am

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