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You Sunk My Battleship (Movie)

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Okay sorry for that lame title, but it was just too easy to pass up…

Yes, it seems as though the Battleship movie has turned belly up at the box office, making a paltry $23.4 million in its first weekend, or, almost 1/10th of The Avengers epic first weekend haul. The movie, which I think was a remake of Sergei Eisenstein’s famous film Battleship Potemkin, may end up being a historic flop.

Also especially hard hit is the acting career of Taylor Kitsch, who was already in the epic flop John Carter. I guess like Tim Riggins in Dillon, Taylor Kitsch must pay for the sins of his community–Hollywood. Also the whole thing might keep Rihanna from winning that Oscar she so desperately desperately needs.

But enough about this box office disaster, what about the ramifications it will have on all of Hollywood’s other glorious boardgame based movie franchises? If Settlers of Cataan starring, oh I don’t know, Chase Crawford and Ke$ha doesn’t get made our society may in fact collapse. Just wanted to let you guys know.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

May 21, 2012 at 12:39 pm

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