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Jon Lovitz: The Newest anti-Romney?

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Watch out Victoria Jackson! One of the other not particularly famous former SNL cast members is gunning for you job. One quote about Obama being the Gay Muslim Antichrist and you’re history.

So why is Jon Lovitz the new John Birch (oh the original rabidly anti-semitic John Birch would not be happy about that comparison)? Well in a recent interview with World’s Fattest Man Kevin Smith, Lovitz began ranting about President Obama, saying “This whole thing with (the President) saying the rich don’t pay their taxes is fucking bullshit, and I voted for the guy and I’m a Democrat. What a fucking asshole.”

Looks like Lovitz is standing up for the Top 1%. Thank goodness someone is finally doing that. Althought to be honest I am a little confused: how much money could Jon Lovitz actually be worth? I mean, don’t get me wrong the guy was in some very funny stuff (The Critic is a wildly under-appreicated TV show), but somehow I can’t imagine the residual checks from High School High are coming in the way they used to.

Will this shift the way people vote in November? Only time will tell. I think we really need to hear Jim Breuer and Ellen Kleghorn’s tax policy.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

April 24, 2012 at 1:20 pm

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