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Romney, Illinois and the Dowager Countess

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Mitt Romney received a thundering endorsement yawn from the voters of Illinois on Tuesday, when he handedly won the primary there. Now all the pundits are falling over themselves to say that the race is pretty much over. Which it is.

But Romney’s victory in Illinois was pretty pathetic. For one thing the primary had extremely low turnout, with only 24% of voters casting their ballot. 24% turnout? Is that really a victory? I think it’s safe to say that at any given time at least that percentage of Illinoisians are eating some kind of cheese stuffed hot dog or deep-dish pirogi pizza.

So could the Land of Lincoln be where the Republican electorate finally decides to accept the inevitable? I think we actually have a similar example in our current Pop Culture of this phenomenon…

Some might say that the begrudging acceptance of Romney as the nominee is kinda like most of the second season of your mom’s favorite TV show, Downton Abbey. Romney is like Sir Richard Carlisle, the wealthy unloved suiter who the Republican Electorate, here played by Lady Mary, is being forced to marry when really she wants Rick Santorum, here played by Matthew Crawley. Throw in John McCain as the Dowager Countess (oh would that I have the photoshop skills/time to create that image!!) and the fact that the Republican stance on Women’s Health seems distinctly Edwardian and I think Julian Fellowes has a decent law suit against the GOP on his hands.

I can just picture Mrs. Patmoore demanding that Daisy tell Mitt Romney that she loves him and her saying “bot ees nah raiiiiiiiiit!”


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

March 22, 2012 at 10:06 am

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