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Well that was Fast: Kony Bro Disaster

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As a bit of a germophobe, I try to stay away from viral videos. Especially if they are about children: those little buggers carry the weirdest diseases around.

Still, you’d have to be under a rock (or over 40) to have missed the viral video about Kony, a ruthless Ugandan warlord that took over the internet recently. Well it seems as though last night the video’s hunky/dumb/heart-in-the-right-place/douchey creator Jason Russell was “detained in (San Diego)…for being drunk in public and masturbating.” Well, that was fast. SDPD also claimed that Russell seemed to be under the influence of perhaps something else other than alcohol. The spirit of charity maybe? Or just peyote.

The only conclusion that we can draw here I think is that in our era where becoming super famous super fast is possible, so to too is the inevitable fameball collapse. Remember how Richard Hatch from the first Survivor had to go to prison? Or when The Situation choked to death on a rhinestone? Fame is a terrible drug. Even worse than mixing alcohol, the spirit of charity and peyote.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

March 16, 2012 at 4:55 pm

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