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Liberal Lemmings (potential) Lack Licks

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With the exception of being called a slut by Rush Limbaugh, liberals have had a pretty relaxed few months in this election campaign. This Super Tuesday I’m sure they were all ready to kick back, open up a nice bottle of flax juice and let the Republicans attack each other with rusty screwdrivers. But lo! Sadness could be on the horizon for America’s lefties.

The New York Times is reporting that “liberal lion” Dennis Kucinich might lose his primary today due to redistricting. I’m not sure I’d call Kucinich a “liberal lion”. Edward Kennedy, LBJ, those were liberal lions. Kucinich is more like a “liberal lemming” or perhaps a “sweet socialist salamander”. Either way, there are going to be a lot of very depressing conversations over at the organic compost club tomorrow morning should this famously left-wing congressman lose his primary.

I’d like to point out that it’s ironic too that just days after The Lorax movie made $70 million at the box office, Dennis Kucinich in all his enchanted woodland goodness may just lose his seat. Best of luck, King Representative of the Elves.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

March 6, 2012 at 1:46 pm

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