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The End (of Debates) is Nigh!

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In a very sad turn of events, both the Romney and Santorum campaign are backing out of CNN’s March 1st debate. That means we’ll never get to hear Rick’s stump speech about how Whitney Houston died because the Welfare State is too generous and Mitt try to remember a denomination of money that’s lower than $100.

Indeed, the New York Times’ caucus blog seems to think that campaigns are getting tired of the countless debates (what with Newt Gingrich just winning so many darn debates) and may soon pull the plug.

We can’t let this happen folks! Wacky gay-soldier-booing debates are the lifeblood of this otherwise moribund primary campaign season! As this whole race for the Republican nomination has been likened to a depressing if captivating reality TV show, removing the debates would be like removing pinot grigio from Real Housewives! Or removing the severe daddy issues from Bad Girls Club! You might as well remove the air the breathe and the weaves they pull.

So please, write your local GOP chairs and demand to see Wolf Blitzer lob more softbal questionls at Ron Paul’s weird little garden gnome head until the Convention.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

February 17, 2012 at 10:09 am

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