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In this blog’s first piece of non-Newt Gingrich related information in a week…

The ABC News Medical Unit is reporting (side note: I’m glad that their Medical team is covering this story, as I have always suspected that being a dirty hipster is akin to having lupus or gout) a breakthrough in the study of subcultures, as a team at Harvard University has completed the world’s first study of the social logic of Hipsters. After following 200 college students for four years on facebook (so many blurry instagram photos, so little time), researchers found that those students identified as “hipsters” placed greater emphasis on “being the only one in (their) social circle to express” a preference for something like a band or a movie. Researchers told ABC News “It’s not just about liking the band, but showing your peers that you’re hip, in the know, and socially distinct.”

As this is the first major academic study of hipster social codes, let me weigh in with some peer-review criticism: first of all, how Asbergersy is everyone at Harvard that they need to do studies like this? Secondly, is Harvard, which has produced such uber-hipsters as Sen. Carl Levin, Norman Mailer and Janet Reno, really the appropriate place to study hipsters? Clearly this is a job that is better suited for such institutions as Bard or the New School. Finally, I’m not sure it’s possible to do a decent scientific study of hipsters, as science is SOOOO just, like, corporate you know? How about the science of life?

I dunno man, this study just isn’t as cool as Harvard’s earlier work.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

January 23, 2012 at 12:39 pm

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