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SOPA hates Kitten videos, Baffin Island

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The Internet is broken today! Or rather a lot of websites are protesting an anti-Internet piracy bill before the Congress called SOPA. The bill, which is pretty darn draconian, has led some of the country’s premier websites (well, non-porn websites) to publically protest. This has ruined my life.

Oh sure, Google’s nod to censorship is all well and good, but Wikipedia has shut down for the day. Do you know what that has done to my work ethic? I spent 20 minutes at work yesterday reading Wikipedia articles about the two largest Canadian Arctic islands. What am I supposed to do now? Not learn about the geography of Nunavut and do my work? That’s some bullshit right there.

And what business does the Congress have regulating the Internet anyway? 80% of Congress is so old and out of it that they’d be lucky to have a Compuserv account, and the other 20% is busy tweeting cock pix/posting Craigslist ads for Tranny masseuses. I mean, I’m all for copyright protection, but to a certain degree I think the industry producing the material may be responsible for protecting their goods—the law can punish those who break into your house, but if you don’t properly lock your door you bare a level of responsibility, too. All this suggests that the internet may just have too many shades of grey, too many crazy different uses to be legislated so broadly and by people who are pretty fucking clueless.

So please, make a stink about SOPA to your friends and Congresspeople so that I may have my beloved Wikipedia back. Seriously I’m going into withdrawl here…


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

January 18, 2012 at 12:32 pm

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