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Glenn Beck and the House of Pain

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Why is Glenn not on the air tonight” is a thought provoking article that popped up yesterday on Glenn’s website. Personally, I am constantly asking why Glenn Beck isn’t always appearing before me in all his weepy glory.

Turns out Glenn got so excited on his show that he threw out his back! I know Beck doesn’t command the ratings nor the legion of angy octogenarians that he used to, but come on, a guy who is famous for being in hystics hurting himself because of those hysterics? That’s gold! Although we do wish him, and his career, a speedy recovery.

What I’m most impressed by in this story is the fact that being a blow hard requires a level of physical prowess. I suppose barrelling through those ludicrous, embarrassing monologues he gives requires the strength and agility of a football player. It’s only natural then that he should sustain similar injuries. Indeed, I’m pretty confident that were a neurologist to see a video of Glenn Beck ranting about how the Founding Fathers worried about Radical Muslims forcing us to use paper money, they would assume he had sustained a number of football injury level concussions and brain damage.

Maybe that’s why Rush Limbaugh, another blow hard, is constantly taking perscription pain medication…


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

January 10, 2012 at 5:26 pm

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