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White People Problems: On the Moon!

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The New York Times, who along with Travel + Leisure and Cashmere Underpants Today has become the paragon of excellence in reporting on White People Problems, really out did themselves today! In a piece in today’s paper, New Mexico State University Professor of Archaelogy Beth O’Leary told the Times about her fear that “the next generation of people visiting the moon might carelessly obliterate the site of one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments (the Moon Landing Site).”

Now, I’m not saying Beth O’Leary is wrong (I mean, who hasn’t woken up in a cold terrified sweat thinking about that?), but it’s important that we take a minute and realize this is a really really at Global 1% issue. I mean, people in Malawi and East Timor spend all day thinking about where their next meal will come for and Americans are worried about Astro-tourists and attempts at historic preservation on the fucking moon. 

God we (and frankly the entire Times’ subcription base) are so lucky and we don’t even know it. And not just because our nation leads the world in TV Shows about Psychic Detectives and Pawn shops/cupcake boutiques.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

January 9, 2012 at 5:56 pm

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