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(Very very unpleasant) NUDE CELEBRITIES

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With all the lists coming out this time of the year like “Best 100 songs of 2011” or “Top 25 films of 2011”, it’s easy to forget out nation’s most important list: “Top 10 celebrities of 2011 that you would LEAST like to see naked.”

It’s only natural then that RealClearPolitics, a super influential politics website whose “Poll of Polls” is considered the industry standard for tracking electoral polls, would be on top of this this “grossest body list”. For you see, today they have a video of Rep. Barney Frank wearing a shirt in which “exposed what (Frank’s) bare chest looks like”.

WHY WOULD THEY PUT THAT ON THEIR SITE? Seriously if it wasn’t for this list madness that happens at the end of every year I don’t think we’d be exposed to something as gross as Barney Frank’s hebrew manboobs.

PS- In case you’re curious, here is the official list of “Top 10 celebrities of 2011 that you would least like to see naked”:

10. Muammar Kadaffi

9. Katherine Heigl but because you had to sit through 2 hours of her “acting”

8. The mother from 19 Kids and Counting whose vagina is technically the largest cave system in the state of Arkansas

7. Herman Cain (he would like to see you naked however, ladies)

6. Not so much Newt Gingrich (although that’s gross), but rather his demon skeletor wife Callista Gingrich

5. Roger Ailes

4. Barney Frank

3. Hosni Mubarak

2. Perennial favorite and all around frying-pan-in-the-face victim, Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas

1. Andy Rooney (either before or after death)


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December 19, 2011 at 6:41 pm

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