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Halfing the half-assed Congress

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Rick Perry is a man of action. Well he only actually gets stuff done if it invovles murdering coyotes. But still, he is a man of action! That’s why he recently announced his radical governmental overhaul plan (piss off, Constitution!), where he would implement “term limits for federal judges and Supreme Court justices” and create “laws criminalizing insider trading among legislators” and, ummm, well, what was the third? The EPA? ~Shrugs~ Oops.

Oh right! He would make Congress more like the Texas legislature and turn Congresspeople into “part-time legislators”. Listen Rick, if my experience in that world taught me anything, it’s that part-time employees are kind of worthless. Part-time Congresspeople will just show up to work high, nap in the Senate cloak room and spend their time sending out resumes to full-time national legislatures. Besides, Congress is CONSTANTLY going into recess anyway. Like, they aren’t there about half the time anyway. I don’t know how them being there less would suddenly up make Congress better and more productive: Cutting nothing in half still leaves you with nothing.

And in an era where people are being forced to take part-time jobs because full-time positions are just simply unavailable, wouldn’t it be nice if there was at least one group of Americans wasn’t at home doing nothing every Tuesday and Thursdays before noon? We don’t all need to watch The Price Is Right!

Written by Your Benevolent Editor

November 17, 2011 at 2:51 pm

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