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Southwest is Seriously Wack

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Let’s say you only have $36 to get from Pittsburgh to Boston. If you don’t want to blow every trucker on I-80, you have to buy a ticket on Southwest Airlines right? Well don’t do that as a minority, because as we have found out recently the “Southwest” in the airline’s name doesn’t mean liberal-artsy-fartsy Santa Fe Southwest, but rather gun toting Arizona nutjob Southwest.

For you see in less than a month, a well known lesbian TV actress was thrown off a Southwest flight for excessively kissing her girlfriend (schwing!) and a Muslim woman was thrown off a Southwest flight because the flight attendant heard her say into her cellphone “It’s a go” (meaning her bra bomb I guess) instead of “I have to go”, which is what she really said.

Am I the only one who knew that by waving my baggage fees Southwest Airlines is also allowed to wave my 14th amendment rights to equal protection under the law? Ughhh flying is so annoying! You’re either treated like a criminal (which I so very rarely am nowadays) or you get treated illegally. At least when you take the Chinatown Bus you do so knowing that the gangsters who run that service have no respect for the Constitution…


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

October 11, 2011 at 2:08 pm

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