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Sarah Palin crushes my dreams yet again

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Sarah Palin, the Queen of White People/The only thing keeping noted Jewmosexual and Bravo VP Andy Cohen from raping the Constitution, has announced she is not running for President. Then, to hide her shame she went and killed Steve Jobs. Ohhhh not funny and not fair to a genius like…Steve Jobs.

But seriously it is a little sad that she isn’t going to run. Think what juicy stuff we’re gonna miss! It’s probably important to note that while Chris Christie was forced to announce he wasn’t running like 100 times before Republicans stopped begging him to run, I bet no one is going to do that for Sarah Palin. I mean she only has a 44% favorability rating among Republicans. It’s like if Iran announced it wasn’t going to try to get on the Security Council, no one in the U.N. would go “oh what? Nooooo!”

Oh whoops. Was that last analogy too complicated? Just imagined if The Situation announced he wasn’t running for President and you’d see the similar level of regret expressed by Republicans.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

October 5, 2011 at 8:36 pm

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