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BLT: Bacon, Larceny (and) Trespassing

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Bacon: delicious on everything. But crime? Is that a feature we really want to add to the BLT? I’ll stick with avocado thank you very much…

Kenya Ealy, a resident of St. Louis, returned home recently to find a burglar named David Petty had broken into her home and was “frying bacon in her kitchen“; after being subdued by a neighbor Mr. Petty was arrested and charged with first degree burglary.

Now I get it – committing felonies is tough work and you need a hearty breakfast to keep up your criminal ways. But isn’t it better to eat the bacon OUTSIDE of the residence you’re about to burglarize? And for that matter does this man not target the homes of Jews, Muslims and Vegetarians? That is offensive Mr. Petty!

Of course, it could be that he was turned away from the new NYC IHOP by it’s bouncer in his quest for bacon. We may never know the answers to this perplexing and hickory smoked mystery…


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

September 22, 2011 at 1:20 pm

Posted in Law and Crime

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