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If there is one thing New York City’s East Village needs, it’s another place to hang out ironically. The whole neighborhood used to be one big in joke (“Isn’t it hilarious to live in a place that smells like hot summer garbage even in January?”) and I guess developpers are happy to continue that trend. I am of course discussing the East Village’s new IHOP, whose owners, according the the New York Post, are “so convinced is going to be an after-hours hipster hot spot that it has hired a bouncer.”

Now I don’t know if you’ve been to an IHOP since you were a bleary eyed stoned teenager (I sure haven’t), but I seem to recall that the late night patrons who hadn’t just gotten high in a Volvo mostly looked like they had just been released from prison/were enjoying their last meal before going back to prison. Law enforcement is needed to keep people IN an IHOP, not keep the public OUT.

Why am I so convinced that IHOP’s are bizarre dangerous places regardless of the neighborhood’s hipster cred? Because of this IHOP fight video. And this one. And this pretty awesome Star Wars one.

Written by Your Benevolent Editor

September 21, 2011 at 1:39 pm

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