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Matt Drudge and the Chosen People

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That’s strange, usually Matt Drudge singles out angry Arabs and Black people…

Yes, America’s finest purveyor of giant rat stories Matt Drudge triumphantly announced “Revenge of the Jews: Dem seat turns in NYC” this morning, referencing the Republicans taking the House seat once held by Anthony “Insert penis joke here” Weiner in a heavily Jewish district .

I don’t agree with the idea that Drudge is pushing here (that Jews are politically punishing Obama because he is too tough on Israel). I do however think Drudge thinks he can successfully get away with wacky/offensive-ish headlines like this because the Right wing evangelicals who often read his site LOVE the idea of weaponizing the Jews to bring about the rapture. The only thing standing between us and Jesus is surgically implanting ten inch fangs and a laser cannon into Tufts Sociology Professor Miriam Morganstern dontchaknow. 

So thanks (damned homosexual) Matt Drudge! Jesus and all his friend’s know that you are God’s warrior.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

September 14, 2011 at 9:56 am

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