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Obamaject Permanence

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Object Permanence is when a child realizes that things do not cease to exist when they aren’t seen or heard. In most babies it develops around 8 to 12 months: for Conservatives this doesn’t seem to be a factor. Yes, it looks as though America’s two most important sources of country-fried hard right aggigation are pretending that their enemy Barack Obama just doesn’t exist!

First, five Nascar drivers turned down invitations to the White House being of “scheduling conflicts”. No doubt someone else was having a cooler slumber party. Most recently, Tea Party members of Congress are starting to refuse to attend Obama’s speech on jobs on Thursday. Jim DeMint can’t come because he’s washing his hair stocking his bomb shelter for when the US government comes for his gold/guns, and now Rep. Joe Walsh is not attending because he “didn’t want to act as a “prop” for Obama’s speech”.

There might not be anything funny to say about this because it’s pathetic. Anyone who thinks that the Tea Party can be negotiated with is insane: it’s very hard to negotiate or even form positive relationship with people who won’t, ya know, acknowledge your existence. Way to take a note from Iran’s policy towards Israel, Tea Baggers.

At least show up for the crazy outbursts! A good “You lie!” or “Baby Killer!” moment would really spice things up and make a GREAT lead in for the new episode of the Jersey Shore…


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

September 7, 2011 at 10:31 am

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