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Joe Biden finally gets a pony

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Oh liberal media, why won’t you ever learn to report the facts properly? Man you guys are dumb.

No I’m not talking about the APPALLING lack of coverage in the New York Times of Kim Kardashian’s wedding this weekend (what, she is not bougie enough for an announcement in the wedding section). Rather, I am going to take ABC News to task for their story about Joe Biden that is lacking some very real and important information.

Yesterday Biden visited Mongolia, the first Vice President to visit that country since 1944 (side note: how embarrassing is it that as VP, even like in 1944 during a World War, the President is like “oooo why don’t you, um, go to Mongolia?” to the VP? Basically, they are the President’s intern), where he received the gift of “a Mongolian Horse”. He also got to meet some camels (check out the fantastic picture above).

Now while the article explains the significance of the horse in Mongolian culture, nowhere does it explain what the hell Joe Biden is going to do with a horse. Where will he keep it? Who will care for it? Can it fit on Air Force 2? Most importantly, being VP is one thing, but do you think he can handle the responsibility of such a big pet? 

I think Barack might need to send this gift to a glue factory a lovely horse farm upstate…


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

August 22, 2011 at 12:09 pm

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