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A very special note from an EPM reader

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Awww you guys I knew you loved this blog! Most of the comments we get on the site’s various dick/poop/boob/Herman Cain articles are from friends, well wishers, and Eastern European spammers.

But today I received a special note from a commenter named Burning Chrome that was ADORABLE. Burning Chrome took issue with my blog post “Obama and the Presidential Closet“, where I suggested that like in  slavery, denying marriage to same sex couples is unconstitutional because the 14th amendment states that all citizens are entitled to equal protection under the law.

Now for your viewing pleasure, here are Burning Chrome’s thoughts: 

 “Hey stupid!!  Your comparison of the “rights” of gays and state limitations with that of slavery is laughable.  It proves you know nothing of what has happened with slavery in America or gays in general.  Your attempt to marginalize people that don’t respect gays as older whites is way off the mark in reality.  Many Americans all across the fruited (EPM editorial note: haha “fruited”) plain hold no respect for gays.  Hell- gay people don’t care about the concept of marriage.  It is part and parcel to that “lifestyle” to be single.  Lastly- one cannot in good faith compare the enslavement of generations of fellow americans with the political talking points of socialist fools.  The slavery era was an insult to our country.  Homosexuals don’t stand for anything other than homosexuality.  The enslaved American is not to be compared with the sexual deviant and savage!”

So sure, slavery was more unpleasant than denying gays the right to marry, but it is as wildly hypcritical as it is unethical to suggest that while African Americans deserved the full rights and privledges of citizenship, homosexuals, or any law-abiding minority for that matter, don’t.

Plus, ummm, pretty sure calling gays “savages” is along the lines of what slave master’s called their slaves: namely “savages”.

Thanks for sharing that bit of offensive wisdom Burning Chrome. We appreciate it.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

August 16, 2011 at 1:25 pm

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