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Bitchy Barack bashes Robot Romney

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Until Americans realize the fascist tyranny that are lightbulb regulations, Michele Bachmann will not got the Republican party’s nomination for President: it will instead go to Mitt Romney.

And the Obama campaign is prepared for that! Or prepared to get kinda high school bitchy on this guy: Politico reports that the Obama campaign plans to go negative, highlighting how “weird” Romney is. First of all, if Romney is weird that’s only because the Brigham Young University engineering department programmed him that way in their attempt to make the Mormon President-Bot 3000.

Now while Obama campaign insiders are right though in saying “There’s no way to hide (Romney’s)…innate phoniness” and odd interpersonal issues, this strategy shows just how terrible Democrats are at negative campaigning! In 2004 Bush/Cheney slaughtered John Kerry saying a guy who actually served in Vietnam (unlike Bush and Cheney) was actually a flip-flopping coward. Calling him “weird” and “phony” is like showing up to a prison knife fight armed only with cunty gossip.

I’m all for going negative because hey, gotta do something in the hot summer of 2012, right? The problem however is that “weird” may translate to some as being an attack on Romney’s Mormonism—granted Mormons are kind of weird but they don’t deserve to be discriminated against. Obama was the victim of being called “weird” (which obviously had racist and bigoted undertones), he should not perpetuate that line of thinking. They must make it crystal clear they are suggesting his personality, not his identity, are weird.

Let’s just scrap the whole “he’s strange” thing and just tell the world the truth: Mitt Romney is probably terrible in bed. I’m guessing that no man who irons his jeans know how to sling dick, am I right grossed out ladies?


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

August 10, 2011 at 4:54 pm

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