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Yikes: a new poll came out Friday say that Congress has an 82% disapproval rating. Now I know that’s not that surprising obviously, but when I read that I began to think “is there anyone out there who is as unpopular as Congress? Is that even remotely possible?”

Well I did a little of my journalistic duty and discover the greatest conspiracy man has ever known.

Ya see, after looking around for another institution that 18% of people of people approve or are in different, I stumbled upon a shocking coincidence: Rotten Tomatoes, the movie rating website, said that the Jennifer Aniston bombs Love Happens and Just Go With It also have 18% approval ratings. In a way Congress and Ms. Aniston have a lot in common: they are both totally unloved, well past their usefulness and hated by Bill O’Reilly.

So is there a connection between our political gridlock and the former Friends star? Are the free masons involved? Only time, and unfortunately about a billion movies where Ms. Aniston plays a harried single girl PR executive/cupcake store owner/sex robot, will tell.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

August 6, 2011 at 8:39 am

Posted in Congress

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