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Tea Party Terrorists

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So I’m sure by now you heard that the Obama Administration is adding the Tea Party to the terrorism watch list. Or maybe that yesterday Joe Biden called the Tea Party terrorists. Or maybe that he was in the room when some people said that. Either way I’d invest in the makers of black helicopters because the federal government is now coming to arrest your crazy step-aunt Sheila and your disgruntled 11th grade math teeth Mr. Wenderson, who as you know form the backbone of the Tea Party.

And yes, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are already out raising money on this stuff, but ya know what? Joe Biden didn’t actually use the word terrorist and anyone who says he did is deliberately mis-stating the facts. He probably uses the phrase “Puerto RIH-kans” and may or may not refer to women as “broads” but even Joe friggin’ Biden has the good sense to not be a Vice President who labels people terrorists.

But ya know what? From where I stand this whole debt ceiling debacle shows that the Tea Party pretty much functions like Hamas. No they are not actually terrorists, but with there rigid unflinching philosophical dogma, their refusal to negotiate unless they get everything they want and their willingness to destroy our country’s economy to get what they want, they are sure as shit acting like terrorists.

Let’s hope this whole disgusting exercise makes the 90% of American voters who DONT agree with the Tea Baggers realize that if they don’t vote for sensible people that sensible legislation will never be passed. We have some very serious issues facing this country that fundamentally cannot be addressed until both the Democrats AND the Republicans take on the lunatics in the Tea Party. Let’s fight for BETTER government, because if we let the Tea Party have their way there will be NO government. Anyone interested in that should read this article about the horrible famine in the wonderful government-free land of Somalia.

Okay, I’m done being serious.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

August 2, 2011 at 1:42 pm

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