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Notorious Nipples and Guilty Gazungas

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Ughhhh I’m pretty sure that if I put on a fur coat, biked in the blazing sun to Ke$ha’s gynocologist’s office and performed a pap smear using just my face I would feel less dirty and disgusting that I do reading the following story…

Apparently, Casey Anthony, the woman who is “not guilty” of murdering her child, may or may not have been offered $500,000 to appear in Hustler. That case illicited alot of emotions, but I’m guessing lust wasn’t one of them. I can’t recall watching her on TV and thinking “man I can’t wait to see Casey Anthony drinking champagne and masturbating with a string of pearls”. (What that’s what Hustler photoshoots look like. It’s a very classy magazine.)

It’s weird that we’ve reached a point in American society where notoriety automatically means you get a spread in a titty magazine. Think of all the reality show stars/people who’ve banged Tiger Woods who that has happened to! In fact Gloria Allred should just start her own porno mag—she could really consolidate her business interests that way.

Still, Anthony appearing in Hustler would officially make Nancy Grace’s head explode, and I’d be okay with that. Justice for all!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

July 29, 2011 at 10:28 am

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