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Talking toupee calls someone else a phony

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You know, with all this actual news going on it’s easy to forget about our nation’s most important non-news related event: the 2012 Republican primary!

Donald Trump came out swinging in his weekly appearance on Fox and Friends (the leading morning TV show among lobotomized conservatives) when he accused floundering Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty of being a phony. Trump quipped that “(Pawlenty) is trying to be a tough guy, but he’s not. You know, you can’t be something that you’re not.”

The irony of course is that Donald Trump, a man who has both made a career in covering toilets in 24k gold and has the nation’s most famous fake hair, is himself a raging phony. Why, if Donald Trump got a dime every time phony bullshit spewed out of his mouth he’d actually be as rich as he pretends to be.

Also ouch Donald, you’re really kicking a guy when he’s down. Pawlenty will be lucky if he can fetch Michele Bachmann’s mug full of virgin blood coffee in six months. I’d save my punches for someone a little more threatening, like say an orphaned puppy.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

July 27, 2011 at 10:09 am

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