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Poor Amy Winehouse. It’s not like we weren’t expecting her to die but you’d think she’d have the courtesy to release at least two albums before she killed herself.

Rep. Billy Long (R-MO), who looks like he might be Chris Farley’s real father, was first member of Congress to weigh in the tragedy and his tweet was as stuffed of topical info as Amy Winehouse’s body was stuffed with Ketamine. Long seemed to reference the debt ceiling crisis too in his tweet, writing “No one could reach #AmyWinehouse before it was too late. Can anyone reach Washington before it’s too late? Both addicted – same fate???”

Thank goodness Rep. Long told us his thoughts because he is an EXPERT on disasters like Winehouse, the Debt Ceiliing Negotiations etc. For you see Long continued to support legislation that would gut disaster preparedness spending even after his hometown of Joplin, MO was ravaged by an F5 tornado this year!

You want a more apt Amy Winehouse/Federal Budget tweet? Here goes: “#TheGOP is to tax cuts as #AmyWinehouse is to cocaine”.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

July 25, 2011 at 5:00 pm

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