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Very very guilty person found not guilty

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Far be it from me, someone who just worked their hardest to get out of jury duty, to pass judgment on the goings on of the American legal systems, but I feel compelled to discuss the verdict today coming out of the Casey Anthony trial.

Anyone who has been stuck in an airport or a dentist office will know that Casey Anthony is a 20-something woman from Orlando who’s daughter was found dead and had a crazy family. Ms. Anthony was just found not guilty of murdering her daughter, which I guess just proves that in our country if your white and female they won’t convict you without hard evidence.

Now that part story is more tragic than stupid, and mostly just confirmed why I really really really would never want to live in Florida.

The ridiculous thing though is how cable news networks, especially HLN, have treated the whole murder trial. It was like the Super Bowl and the Oscars if they, ya know, murdered a two year old. But unlike celebrity plastic surgery nightmares and Canadian apartment brokers, building a cable news channel off of a murder trial is not particularly sustainable. Short of going out and murdering more white girls, which I would not put beyond Nancy Grace and her crazy eyes, that network is fucked.

So hide your babies! Jane Velez Mitchell has tasted blood and ratings and now she must have more!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

July 5, 2011 at 4:29 pm

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