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The Buggy Buggery and Amish Erotica

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Everytime an Amish kid sends a text message Baby Jesus cries. And in this case the Indiana State Police arrest his ass.

19 year old Amish person Willard Yodel, which by the way is a terrific name, was recently pulled off his buggy and arrested for sending lewd text messages to a 12 year old and arranging “a proposed sex act (that) would happen inside the buggy”. So that’s what those Amish buggies with the tinted windows are used for! Gross.

Not that EPM is making light of attempted statutory rape here, but this whole situation shines new (candle) light on the Anthony Weiner scandal, right? At least was sexting with adults and wasn’t courting god’s wrath by using a cell phone! And for that matter, what was Yodel doing with a cell phone anyway? Shouldn’t the Amish be sexting each other over telegraph or smoke signals? Needle pointing erotic messages can also be very fulfilling.

Watch out for this case to appear in NBC’s latest Court Show Law and Order: Old-timey Victims Unit. Every case involves a brutal murder and a dull 20 minute deminstration on taffy making.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

June 21, 2011 at 11:57 am

Posted in Law and Crime

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