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The 14th Amendment Tweet-a-thon

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Twitter is good for…something, right? I mean without it how would we know what Kim Kardashian is planning on buying today? Or whether or not your coked out former co-writers at your college newspaper like the new Black Lips album? HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?

Well unfortunately now you can add Civil Rights catalyst to that glowing list: New York state is inching towards a vote on gay marriage, and with 31 of the 32 senators needed to pass the historic marriage bill lined up, all eyes have fallen on State Senator Greg Ball. Ball, that ball-less wonder, can’t make up his mind and so he asked his constituents to let him know their opinions via Twitter. Ugh. Using twitter to decide this might be the nadir of Western democracy.

The problem with deciding this stuff on Twitter is that tweeting is something one does at the spur of the moment- it’s a good way to decide what to add to your Netflix queue, but not exactly the best way decide who gets full Civil Rights in our society. Indeed, such issues are usually better decided with the heady philosophy and introspection of, say, a Facebook status update.

Politically though my guess is Ball doesn’t really care about what his voters say on Twitter, and that he might be looking for something to sweeten his vote. Perhaps a promise from the Senate Democrats that they won’t make fun of his last name? They did it for Anthony Weiner!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

June 20, 2011 at 4:24 pm

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