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Oh those firey latinos…

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Fire: man’s oldest nemesis. John McCain: man’s oldest senator. Naturally then, when McCain was first elected to the Senate he ran on a “Fire BAD” platform which helped him to defeat then Senator Prometheus.

Besides not liking fire, McCain also doesn’t really care much for those pesky Immigrants anymore. So it’s no surprise then that when asked to comment about the wildfires that are currently burning out of control in his state, McCain felt free to go ahead and blame illegal immigrants, and their campsites, for igniting the wildfires. Nevermind the fact that U.S. Forest Service officials said “there is no evidence that illegal immigrants” started these fires or that Arizona’s weather is indistinguishable from the inside of a convection oven so fires are bound to happen, it had to be those pesky illegals!

But let’s move beyond John McCain and his lazy racism to focus on the real issue here: is Smoky the Bear in cahoots with Mexican drug cartels? Why else would he let this happen if he wasn’t helping out the Zetas? Help us Mack!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

June 20, 2011 at 1:36 pm

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