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America the Hysterical

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America is the funniest country in the world! Intentionally! This is all according to a new poll from some random social media website, which ranked the USA first out of 15 wealthy nations in hilariousness. Thank goodness laughter is the best medicine! Because while we’re a country that loves to laugh we’re also a country that hates basic access to healthcare…

Anyway, let’s talk about some of the other rankings: Spain came in second. So I guess when investors laugh at Spanish government bonds it doesnt mean the E.U. is on the edge of monetary collapse?

Italy came in third, because, although Americans are unaware of this, the embarassing Berlusconi led government is actually just a Punkd style prank show where actual government officials are forced to have meetings with Italian showgirls (and Ashton Kutcher in old man make up?) posing as government officials.

Strangely Britain, where are the comedy is either super crass or super classy (think Evelyn Waugh pooping in his knickers) landed in 7th place. That is both unfair to British comedians, who are indeed very funny, and the American TV executives who spend countless hours ripping off their TV programming.

Of course there has to be a loser, and it was Germany that came last. This however is not surprising: have you seen Germany’s Funniest Home Videos? It’s narrarated by Werner Herzog and is just hour long profiles of grave diggers. It’s not…a laugh riot.

So hooray for America! The land where The Hangover 2 can make more money this year than the entire very unfunny nation of Samoa will.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

June 8, 2011 at 4:15 pm

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