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It’s amusing to me that we live in a country where while it is getting easier and easier to buy guns, it’s getting harder and harder to buy cigarettes. They’re both equally cool, right? This divergence is weird.

For instance the FDA just announced new rules that require 50% of packaging of a pack of cigarettes must contain graphic images of what cigarettes can do to your body. Does anyone actually think that will deter smokers though? The FDA could require that cigarette packs must be made of cow patties and people would still buy them! Smokers are addicted to cigarettes: would you expect a crack addict to stop smoking rocks if they were forced to listen to Whitney Houston’s latest crack-addled album before purchasing their drugs? No. Especially because we have an 8th amendment.

And while I am all for public campaigns shaming smokers, it seems that the gross out tactics don’t stop the real hardcore smokers. Maybe instead of disgust we should rely on another human emotion, like shame. If each cigarette purchase involved showing both you license and a copy of your 1988 prom photo or your mother had to buy the cigarettes for you, our nation would be alot healthier.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

June 2, 2011 at 2:29 pm

Posted in Health and science

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