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Mea Culpa, Dick Joke Enthusiasts

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~Shuffles into room wearing hair shirt and flaggelating self~ Oh how the mighty have fallen. Those who were once great have crumbled before our very eyes, their souls broken and exposed before us all to see. This week EPM has joined these wretched creatures, as we have failed you in my blogging duties. So before EPM commit blog Seppuku (which is just regular Seppuku but unlike a Samurai you probably don’t have a job), let us confess our sins.

We let a perfectly good series of dick jokes go to waste: I am of course speaking of the twitter-dickpic-scandal involving Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner. As I sit here laughing with pre-teen glee (haha he said “Weiner”), Sure, Congressman Weiner may have tweeted a photo of his underwear covered erect penis to a college student, claimed he was hacked (a claim with would require an FBI investigation where he’d likely perjure himself) and now can’t bring himself to actually admit it’s his dick, but this blog was not actively making fun of it! Other news commentarians stole all the best jokes.

“Chief of staff”? Already made. “Member of Congress”? Done. All we can do is apologize and swear that when Congressman Trent UnderagedTrannyHooker (R-MS) gets in trouble, we’ll be the first in line to mock him.

PS-I dont know either why the guy in the picture is wearing a pumpkin samurai outfit, but I do understand where he is coming from.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

June 2, 2011 at 10:57 am

Posted in Socialists

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