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President Autopen will not tolerate dissent!

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Speaking of our vegetable overlords, how about those robots that are secretly running the Obama administration and ruining our nation? Before I go on, yes, I’m on a lot of allergy medication but I swear this post is about something I actually read!

Yesterday Congress passed an extension of the USA PATRIOT Act- a bill that granted sweeping post 9/11 terrorism policing authorities and still seems pretty damn Orwellian if you ask me- by a wide margin. Obama however is in France and signed the extension using an autopen, a robot that replicates a person’s signature. OH.DEAR.GOD. I knew he was a socialist but, as Matt Drudge warns us today bellowing that it “signed into law—by a machine“, apparently Obama is also a Decepticon/one of the Robot Octopi from The Matrix.

Thankfully John Connor Rep. Tom Graves of Georgia has bravely and sensibly written a strongly worded letter to Obama challenging the legality of autopen-evil-robot signature. Of course, Graves ignored that the majority of his own party supported the extension of the act, but more importantly he and everyone else freaked out by the President using an autopen also ignored the fact that Presidents from Kennedy to Clinton have used autopens without anyone saying word one.

Just to clarify then, autopens are no more a threat to democracy than Obama’s blackberry, his iPod or his army of sentient killing androids. Wait what? (Nervous laugh) who said that? Heh heh the President…doesn’t own an iPod…how silly of me…yes…silly……..


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

May 27, 2011 at 1:52 pm

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