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Ed Schultz and the poetry of Curse Words

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Oh MSNBC why are you so awful?

The network that pulls in a full 1/3rd of the viewership of Fox News (oh hey FNC, my lover of lovers!) has found itself caught up in an unfortunate situation: Ed Schultz, the less popular left wing version of Rush Limbaugh who considers shouting to be political commentary, called Laura Ingraham, an equally awful right wing pundit, a “talk slut” after she criticized Obama for travelling to Europe as tornadoes ravage the Midwest.

Schultz has since been rightly suspended and apologized. Good for him, because the big problem here is that Ingraham is not a “slut”: frankly no sane person would touch her. Oh sure, she is without a doubt an awful person: to suggest that Ingraham “dislikes” Mexicans is to also suggest that Rabbi Menachem Schneerson “dislikes” pork , so if you think about it calling her a “harpy” or a “bitch” would have been much more accurate.

So you see this is the problem with hyper-partisan TV hosts: their blunt opinions and constant screaming means they lose the beautiful subtly of language. How about calling her a “bile-spewing xenophobic thunder cunt”? The poetry in that phrase is just so LOVELY…


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May 26, 2011 at 10:17 am

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