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“Sorry can’t hang out Saturday. Yeah it’s the Rapture–I’m busy”

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So do you remember when the world ended on Y2K? That was crazy. Why did I think I looked good in cargo pants? I suppose those extra pockets did come in handy when I spent the next 4 years gathering food in the post-apocolyptic nightmare that was the early 2000s…

Anyway, as you might have heard, Family Radio, a Christian radio network run by wealthy octogenarian Harold Camping, is predicting that the world will end tomorrow; now Camping predicted that the world would end in 1994, but apparently God really wanted to see the movie True Lies and spared us all from destruction until this weekend.

And while I TOTALLY believe tomorrow is my last day on earth (I’m gonna slut it up so hard on the dancefloor tonight), I did read this curious bit about Family Radio: according to CNN, Camping’s organization has enjoyed over $80 million in contributions lately and, while “the group is required to submit financial documents in many of the states where they solicit donations” yet they “requested an extension from their July 15 deadline to November 15″ for this year.” Umm what? If the world is going to end tomorrow you won’t have to pay your taxes on July 15th anyway! I mean, I admire this doomsday cult for being practical, but this is why even fanatical evangelical christian organizations need a good Jewish C.F.O., am I right?

Anyway, while we ponder that idiocy I am going to go get baptised so that I can Live Blog the shit out of the rapture!


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

May 20, 2011 at 9:44 am

Posted in Religion

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