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Alben Barkley, one of America’s least famous Vice Presidents, liked to tell a joke that went like this: a woman had with two sons, one ran away and went to sea, the other was elected Vice President of the United States, neither one was ever heard from again.

That sad fact seems to be as true today as it was when Barkley was VP which was…I don’t know. He’s not famous for anything except that joke. Anyway, we know this is true because Intelligence officials revealed that they found a note in Osama Bin Laden’s seized diaries “indicating that (Vice President Joe Biden) is not an important target” for Al Qaeda. Ouch Osama! Who knew you were such a jerk?

What’s even sadder about not thinking Biden is good enough to kill is who Islamic Fundamentalists DO think is good enough to blow up, like in 2008 when a Saudi sheikh issued a fatwa against “soldier of satan” Mickey Mouse. So just to review (listen up Tim Pawlenty) Al Qaeda considers cartoon mice more powerful adversaries than the next in line to the Presidency.

I’m not saying that the Vice Presidency is a stupid position we should get ride of, but I just think this story is a little trage-comic…ya know, like Biden’s hair plugs…


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

May 13, 2011 at 10:16 am

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