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For any of you who aren’t blessed with a bajillion over-sharing gay friends, please use the Internet to find out what a “twink” is. Feel free to work it into conversation around the office or at a BBQ too!

Speaking of all that stuff, Congressman Aaron Schock, whose questionable sartorial statements we have explored in depth here, is featured bare-chested on the cover of this month’s Men’s Health Magazine (as seen above). Did someone appropriate congressional funding for beefcake? 

The problem is that Schock is a Republican and denies his, shall we say, interest in purchasing Lady Gaga’s new album. I don’t know about you, but appearing shitless on Men’s Health, rather than say Field and Stream or Baggy Cargo Shorts Weekly, is not a way to squeltch gay rumors.

Just to be clear though, I’m only objecting to Gay Republicans here, although I do think it’s kind of tacky for a Congressman to show off his abs in public. Why does he need to be so muscular anyway? Have they secretly done away with the voting process on Congress in favor of a Mr. Tight Buns competititon? That might explain some of the legislative gridlock come to think of it…


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May 9, 2011 at 11:37 am

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