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Little Red Riding Senator hates Wolves

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Remember back in 2006 when Democrats were all excited about getting macho-fronteir man Democrats elected to the Senate? And suddenly Hilary Clinton wasn’t going to be the party’s finest arm wrestler? Well Democrats got what they wanted and it’s going to cost our nation some of our handsomest animals.

The New York Times is reporting (to those of us who were suckered into actually PAYING for our news) that Jon Tester, the Democratic Senator from Montana put a rider in the new budget compromise bill that would remove the Grey Wolf from the Endangered Species List. This would be the first time that the Congress has directly removed an animal from the List, and unless I’m the only one whose 50 square foot urban patio backyard isn’t full of wolves, this seems very very hasty.

Wolves are good for our environment! They make sure we’re not overrun with deer and elk, who are dangers to drivers at best and suspected communists at worst. It’s also very confusing to voters! We vote for Democrats to protect fluffy animals and for Republicans to punish the Al-Qaedas; what are we to do when Democrats punish fluffy animals? Protect Osama? No thank you.


Written by Your Benevolent Editor

April 13, 2011 at 5:09 pm

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